Sunday, June 8, 2008

Trials And Tribulations

I know I have been rather lazy and failed to regularly update my blog. I have realized that maintaining a blog is a tough task and I salute all those regular bloggers who come up with ingenious topics. I mean seriously, where do they get the ideas? I haven’t yet been hit by a brainwave for my blog as now, but I think tales of woe and suffering make an interesting topic. At least your own problems seem dwarfed by comparison.

For the past one and half months, I am stuck in a cycle of exam-submission-exam-viva-exam schedule. We were giving our unit tests when most of my classmates didn’t even know the name of the subjects. Cool, na? Managed to pass somehow. The test as a joke with many of my friends extremely proud of the marks I single digits. He he.

Someone seemed to have stepped up the accelerator and time just whizzed past me. All of as sudden we were inundated with assignments with few days to go before the final submission. Something of ‘Operation Pendulum’ (Five Point Someone, remember??) was planned and we divided the assignments. So a master copy of each assignment was available and if the professors had bothered to check, even the wrong stuff in it was Xeroxed. We call it ‘chapna’ coz everything is written as it is with no changes. Some guy came close to copying the role number too!

Then came the prelims and we braced ourselves for endless days of studies, books, coffee and midnight calls asking “Kitna hua padhke?” I was in mortal fear of falling asleep during the exams. The prelims were just the firecrackers; the actual bomb hadn’t yet been dropped. I gaped at the viva dates and realized my batch was having it day after tomorrow. Rocking life, isn’t it?? Don’t ask me how they went, I don’t remember it. With six days to go before the university papers, I was cursing myself for the times I procrastinated saying “Sab padhai PL me ho jayega”.

I am now done with four papers, one was good, two were ok-ok, and one was bad. Four down, two more to go. I think I will lose my nuts by the time I complete engineering. But then, not anyone can boast of surviving such a stressful phase.

For all those who think I have magnified my woes and exaggerated my experiences in engineering, here is an interesting anecdote:
My friend was in a tearing hurry to catch a local train which had just arrived on the platform. She tried to get in but lost her balance because of the wet floor and was half inside the train and half on the platform. A group of elderly uncles noticed this and the usual racket ensued. She somehow managed to get in before the train started but not before one gentleman asked her, “Beta, are you an engineering student?”.


  1. hey topper...........
    atleast u dont say tht ur exams were bad...
    well ur this thought has inspired me to share the 3dB experience.
    how we use to screw r vivas.....
    nightouts n no studies

  2. seriouly, having a nightout and not studying before the vivas requires guts. HAts off to 3 dB people!