Sunday, December 19, 2010

There Are Times....

.... when I just want time to move ahead fast enough so all I can see is an imperceptible blur. I just wish to be in the time few months from now and shake off my present memories as a bad dream.

Endless period of waiting does you no good.Whenever I make up my mind and prepare my mind for the worst, a sign appears on the horizon and as I rush forward to grab it but all that I am left with are unanswered questions and unspoken agony.

Hopefully, tomorrow would be an end to my misery. I refuse to give up my optimism even though it has lost touch with reality. I hope to merge them soon. Tomorrow would be the day hopefully......


  1. It'll get better. It always does. And I'm not just saying it, I live it.

  2. Thanks I, those are really kind words :)
    The fact that you are experienced about it is reassuring and comforting.
    Tomorrow will be the day... hopefully....

  3. Have faith tomorrow will be the day....

  4. @Nikhil- It will be one month more of waiting. Hopefully, I will get a chance to put up a post about it.

  5. Be patient dear...It will come soon.. :)

  6. I know it has to come some day but I am finding it difficult to keep myself from falling apart.....