Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A thousand deaths to live

It's a materialistic world he said,
For she chose the rich guy instead,
Throwing away the cold metal ring,
He felt something die within.

What a world to be in,
Where cheaters always win,
The winner smirked at him,
he felt something die within,

What a husband to live with,
Who curses me in a drunken fit,
As she braced for his blows thundering,
She felt something die within.

Familiar they may sound,
Times when you hit bottom ground,
When words ain't enough,
To mellow the situation tough.

But this is not the way to live,
It's the way to die,
Coz we have many deaths to live,
Before we get one life worth dying for.

Again pick up that ring,
You might find someone more adoring.
Hit back with a vengeance,
For winning there's yet another chance.
Bid adieu to him forever,
Ushering in a life free of terror.

Coz that was not the way to live,
It was the way to die,
And we have many deaths to live though,
Before we get one life worth dying for.......


  1. awesome yaar.....tu engg chod de....
    srt writin poems n stuff lyk dis... u r really good at this.. probably d best i hv ever seen till now... dont let ur talent get wasted... one day u ll b an author of a best seller for sure.. n m serious .
    god bless..