Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When we risk it all

I have always loved the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series. The books are a collection of short stories and poems but this poem struck me because of its simplicity. Never before have I read a poem so straight-forward and heart-warming. Kristy Glassen, wherever you are, just want to say- U rock! Thanks Nikki for lending me the book. Pagu and Alias, this one’s for you…………………

We can’t blame others when love dwindles away,
For we knew from the start it never promised to stay.

It’s just one of those things where the stakes are high,
And sometimes it’s forever and sometimes it’s good-bye.

When you love the right way, you will never lose,
No matter what path life may force you to choose.

You may end up with tears or a broken heart,
But you knew what you had signed up from the start.

You can only give what you’ve got to give,
And if that’s not enough, then you must continue to live.

Life will go on and broken hearts will heal,
You must continue on your quest, for that’s the deal.

Throw your heart into life and never stall,
For the greatest risk is to risk nothing at all.

You see, love is the only thing that we know,
That can be divided and divided but continue to grow.

And life isn’t long enough to lock away our heart,
Just because life may have forced two people apart.

We will continue to love and continue to lose,
We will continue to pick and continue to choose.

And then one day we will risk ii all,
Take the chains off our heart and dismantle the wall.

The last time we love will be the forever,
And never again will our hearts be forced to sever.

Will never have doubts that it’ll go away,
Because this time, it’ll be here to stay.

But until then, we must endure all the pain,
For we only see sunshine if we can wait through the rain…….

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