Saturday, September 26, 2009

Twilight review

I have now begun to sympathize with all the office going women who are my fellow train commuters. I often see them peeling off or cutting veggies in train and I often used to wonder how someone can find twenty four hours as inadequate. This was until I arrived in my last year of engineering. From what I know, those in B.E. rarely meet the requisite attendance of 75% and it is not without a valid reason. Juggling between company interviews and preparing for numerous entrance tests while at the same time completing innumerable assignments is a mean feat to achieve. But then I realized it is not that easy to bunk lectures without risking a trip to H.O.D. Sir or Principal Sir’s office and listen to an hour-long battering. So better sense prevailed and I decided not to get onto the wrong side of college rules and the outcome is that I have little time for myself. It is a real struggle as I try hard not to resemble an undernourished kid with sunken cheeks and a constant expression of listlessness pasted on my face.
In all this, my reading habits have gone for a toss. I was lucky enough to read Twilight by Stephanie Mayer. After the Harry Potter series concluded, Twilight was expected to replicate the success of the book on The Boy Who Lived. Though it did not produce the expected frenzy, but still the book is good enough to be recommended. I got to admit it now that I am sucker for love stories. I was under criticism for praising Love Aaj Kal movie, but what the hell! I loved the love story in it. So I can be a bit biased towards Twilight because of the romantic angle but the story is much more than that.
I won’t give away spoilers but my friend described the story with a really interesting example ‘It’s like you have got a pani-puri in your hand and can’t eat it’. I mean nothing else could describe the situation this well yaar. The guy is a vampire who drinks human blood and the girl is a human being. Worst of all, the girl is crazy about him. Having a pani-puri in your hand and not eating it is bad enough, but the situation gets worse when the sumptuous meal is chasing you… So all you got to do is open your mouth and yum….. Poor guy. Must be possessing a lot of willpower to resist her.
All in all, Twilight is a must read. With the relative lull in the literary scene, this book makes for some good reading.

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  1. i still dint get it!! y cant he bite her and both of them live forever as vampire couples??