Saturday, January 9, 2010

Being Inquisitive

I have always been a very curious person and in my quest for curiosity, I have often treaded lines drawn for privacy purpose but thankfully never been reprimanded for it. For example, I saw a beautiful crystal globe at my friend’s place yesterday similar to the one seen in Om Shanti Om and in no time I was shaking it vigorously to watch the sparkles get agitated and settle down in slow motion. Till I realized that my other seven friends were staring and wondering what I was doing. Of course, the owner didn’t mind, I would have killed her if she would have said anything because she is that close to me. But it did make me determined to curb my inquisitive ways and limit my questions related to academics only because that’s when your questions don’t sound silly or rude. What brought about this change? Even I have been plagued with questions and I couldn’t satisfactorily answer many of them. So in this blog I am going to answer a few questions and even you can ask me questions related to my strange ways, if any. Here it goes-

Q. Why do I wear a watch even while going to sleep?
A. I am obsessed with time and sometimes I tend to get over punctual. I wake up at odd hours and I don’t know if it’s too early or too late. When I check out my cell phone, the light blinds my eyes and they start watering in no time. So I think checking out your watch is a much less stressful option and when it is strapped on to my wrist, I don’t have to scramble and look around for time. I only remove the watch while bathing and I wouldn’t have even done that if my watch was water-resistant. (Do you know Abhishek Bachchan has a shark-resistant watch? It means that even if a shark eats you up, the watch would still be ticking away happily in the shark’s belly, though I don’t think anyone stayed alive to verify this. )

Q. Why is everything owned by me predominantly red?
A. Let me tell you it has got nothing to do with lucky colour logic. I believe red is a colour which stands out amongst the rest and its quite energizing. While my classmates always opted for drab blue and black bags, I always had an eye out for red because not everyone would like to have such a bright colour for their bag. Right now my possessions in red include my bag, hanky and a wardrobe predominantly red. I even tried bullying my parents to paint one wall in my house red but I didn’t succeed and had to be content with a lavender shade.

Q. Why do I shop so much?
A. I get bored very easily and I don’t like to repeat my clothes too often in a week. I never go out with the intention of shopping, it more impulsive wherein I like something on display and pick it up. Owing to my ever-fluctuating weight due to which I oscillate between thin and very thin, I need to change my clothes often because after a few months they turn out to be too loose or too fit.

Q. Why do I blog so infrequently?
A. I was stuck with a dialup connection which was activated on my brother’s cell phone. I had to wait for my brother to be back home from his tuitions so that I could log on. Then there were times when my brother simply refused to hand me the cell because he thought blogging was time pass and unimportant which made me go grrrrr. Anyway, the good news is that I got a cable net connection at a speed of 100kbps which is a blessing. Another reason for few blog posts was that I strictly guard the privacy of people I write about. Not many people are keen to see their names mentioned on the blog and as a result I lose out on interesting posts.

Q. Why do I get so emotional?
A. My moon sign is Pisces. No actually, that’s a very lame excuse but I guess I am full of empathy. It’s like this- Even if my whole house is charred, I would feel really bad for the child crying for her lost doll. I sometimes tend to ignore my own heath while worrying for someone else’s misery. When you can’t do much to help them, I do feel like crying because I am helpless. And of course when a dear one backstabs me, the tears do pour out. The worst part? I don’t cry in front of everyone. I just pull over the sheets at night and weep silent tears. Yeah, I am hyper-emotional!
More questions to come……….


  1. Nothing wrong with being inquisitive....if u don't ask then u assume wrong. Maybe cuz U were in the red house at could it be an unconscious thing, whaddya say. Btw, U can totally use aliases, but if ya wanna keep ur friends u can't put in a lot of stuff, right? :)

  2. yipeee!!! broadband! more blogs to read and comment on!! :P :) :D
    looking forward to the next set of questions....

  3. hey shwetha ur blogs rocks re...wat da hell r u doin in engnrn field...u shud b a writter...actually i saw dis blog yesterday n i coudn't help maslf frm readin every single article....ur thghts r simply awsome ...n da way u present dem thru writting is vry entertainin...keep up da good work....

  4. @ Anon
    You are absolutely right, it's a tightrope between narrating incidents related to friends and not offending them. Aliases help to a certain extent, but mostly I ask people before mentioning anything related to them.
    @ Anand
    Yes! Yes!
    @ Nikki
    Thanks a lot! I neve expected you to check out my blog so it was a pleasant suprise.

  5. Before reading this post i was wondering, somethings wrong with you, you are blogging i get the answer : thanks for answering that glad that you did..and for the post i dont have the faintest of ideas for what inquisitive means so when i can get that, i will be back as usual... :)

  6. Well you can come up with some questions to ask me. I dunno wat questions to put up in next post!

  7. one question-"y do u say kyaaaaaa wen people stare at u?" :D

  8. and 1 more question....y is ur name shweTHA and not the conventional shweTA? and y do u sign as shweTHE? :P

  9. @Anand- That extra h is thanks to my South Indian roots. And why does it matter how I sign, you are absolutely good at forging my signature :P