Monday, November 1, 2010

Kid At The Mall

There are times when situations provide you with the answers for the questions whirling in your head. You open a book and you discover a line relevant to your life, Or there are times when a particular incident rescues from a dark labyrinth, holding your sweaty hand and reassuringly guiding towards light. I earnestly try to keep my senses receptive for such events or people who might help me get distracted, even if temporarily, from a depressing situation.

Considering that I burnt my fingers badly trusting the wrong kind of people, I spent(regretfully) a large portion of my life lamenting my inability to judge people correctly. I am still working on it but for the time being I have surrounded myself with lovely friends who regularly knock some sense in case I fall back in the previous pattern.

It was one of those bad days where even the weather was in complete harmony with my sulky, many, depressed self. I was waiting at a mall to catch up with a friend, a last-ditch attempt to elevate my sunken spirits. Being the overtly punctual person, I landed up earlier than planned and had nothing specific to do since window-shopping was a big no-no for me. I did want to get more down and out by pressing my oily nose against glass windows and yearn for the things which I cannot buy.

So I just roamed around the ground floor till the store attendants became wary of me taking rounds in the mall.Sadly, the benches were occupied and had to stand, eyes glued to the entrance for a spotting my friend. I noticed this slightly plump, hence cute kid helping himself to a generous scoop of ice cream. His parents were no where to be seen but it was the least of concerns for him as he relished the treat, licking off the ice cream dripping on his T-shirt.

It is this wonderful quality of kids to make you smile with their seemingly innocent acts and I felt better. As if by cue, he looked at me and smiled back as I saw him shift a bit using his weight to full advantage to shove the neighbour. And then he patted the space next to me, indicating for me to have a seat.

Dear cute kiddo, where ever you are, you got no idea how powerful your gesture was- injecting me with giddy happiness. I can't thank you enough for helping me not lose faith in love, kindness and humanity. Love you :)


  1. nice :) indeed its da innocence that makes kids all that special :)

  2. imandar bachha :) ab tak bus me travel nahi kiya lagta hai...nahi toh ladies seat se pareshan hoke kabhi tujhe baithne nahi deta :P

  3. gud 1 swetz......very cute.....
    @ anand lol...sahi kaha... ;)

  4. What a wonderful gesture from a little kid :D :D
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post :)

  5. hey nice one .....

  6. Sometimes you just need one small gesture by someone to set thing right in your life.