Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunshine... Continued and Concluded

"My name is Aarav and I am....." was all she heard before scampering off to the wash room, emerging only after the assembly bell rang. Ashima spent the rest of the day trying to maintain a straight face but she could not ignore the warmth within which steadily grew every passing second. She wanted to hide it and hold it forever- this feeling so alien, she did not have a word for it. It wrapped Ashima in a cocoon which deflected her mother's curses and her neighbour's deliberate scream on sighting her.

The next day, a health camp was organized in the school which was an annual affair and an embarrassing time for most people. The kids emerged red faced minutes after stepping inside the makeshift tent, thanks to the full body check up they were subjected to. The people conducting it were bored and disgruntled government doctors and Ashima was forever annoyed by their initial expression of horror ultimately melting into pity when she stepped in.

This time, for a change, the doctor was a cheery, middle aged doctor who examined Ashima minus the unwanted expressions- like a professional. Her forehead creased as if she was mentally calculating something, fished out her mobile and stepped out of the tent. She came back, bringing in a breeze of fresh air and looked much more animated. Dr. Sarika looked into Ashima's eyes and in a motherly voice asked, "Would you like to be more beautiful?"

Ashima looked out of the window in a contemplative manner, the steaming cup of tea misting the glass. She opened the small piece of paper, worn at the folds and read it for the thousandth time, the smile never abandoning her face.

To the girl with tight braids who never knew how lovely she was; who, ten years ago, never believed the doctor that her cleft lip could be fixed and who was kind-hearted and forgiving enough to love and marry the doctor's good-for-nothing son. Shimu, cleft-lipped or not, you are my very own personal sun and every morning I look forward to wake up basking in your sunny love and care.
Happy one year of togetherness- happy anniversary Shimu.
~ Your went-out for-jogging-but-would-be-back-soon husband,


  1. wonderful.. :) loved it absolutely.. U ought to read "A Message in a Bottle" by Nicholas Sparks.. U wud love it :) do lemme know if U like it.. TC

  2. I have read it and it is absolutely lovely. I even liked The Notebook, highly recommended :)

  3. ashima badi hoke rakhi sawant ban gayi?

  4. Ashima was good-natured and calm, not neurotic and loud like Rakhi Sawant. No comparisons whatsoever!

  5. gud 1...keeep goin....waiting for more such stories from ya..