Wednesday, January 10, 2007

some facts of life

“Walk towards the setting sun or towards the rising sun, walk on the banks of rivers, walk where the cool breeze is playing and you will find yourself in tune with nature, in harmony with the universe.”
-----------Swami Ram Tirtha.
There are times when nature simply leaves you speechless and you have absolutely no means to express yourself. I recently had the experience of being so close with nature.
The place was Swapnanagari, 20 minutes from Panvel. I left for Swapnanagari early morning, enjoying the cool breezes that hit me while sitting in the six seater, locally called as ‘tum-tum’ or ‘dukkar gadi’.The calm in the air was broken by the continuous humming of the engine.
When I reached there, I first went to a temple and prayed hard.
I looked around and was simply taken by the sheer beauty surrounding me. How can the air be so pure that you feel a burst of energy every time you inhale?
I walked bare feet on the grass trying to restore the sensation in my legs. The day couldn’t have been more beautiful—cloudy with the sun occasionally breaking through the clouds accompanied by a cool breeze. There was a small river flowing by and when I could hear the sound of water flowing, I realized how quiet it was. No really I am not faking it, I could actually HEAR the water flowing. I had become so used to the din, noise and confusion around me everyday that I had forgotten what the language of nature is.
I came to the same conclusion most of us reach at some point of our lives.
Take the case of a bike racer- I mean the ones who go crazy with their bikes seeing an empty highway.
They think its fun to balance your bike on one wheel or perform stunts that leave you gaping at them. And we as audiences also enjoy seeing them. They think they know their vehicle but when it suddenly lurches or simply refuses to go the way you want to go, then the real terror strikes. Then all they can do is close their eyes and pray, that’s how bad the situation becomes.
Same is with life. We think it’s alright to rush in life and compete with the world as well as with ourselves. In spite of knowing we are stuck in a rat race, we run and we run.
We feel the adrenaline pumping and pushing our body. But when we look around, everything is a blur and then we realize how fast we have been moving. You want to stop, you want to walk with your loved ones, but it becomes impossible and you are left alone and helpless.
That’s mankind’s greatest fear..........
I hope you get my message .

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  1. Excellent writin gal!!! kya description kiya....gr8....