Sunday, September 5, 2010

Energy and more

Oh well, I have been hatching eggs at home since the past three months and while many would happily trade places, the point I am trying to make is I can't manage to stay still for a few minutes. So you can imagine how restless I have become over the past few months.

But what I find weird is that my feet are behaving as if they commute for hours and are really tired. One look at them and you will know something is wrong. I feel as if my entire (mental) exhaustion gets concentrated there and no one has been able to give me any satisfactory explanation for the same. Some help would be appreciated readers.

All this while, I have been doing a lot of reading to the point that my eyes are shooting off signals to slow down a bit while my mind gobbles books and later ruminates over the day to relish every word,every phrase and quote.

I have been following and while the blogger updates with less frequency, I couldn't be more fascinated with the entire concept of energy management. We all have our favorite spot in the room and most of the times we can't pinpoint a single reason for it. I believe it has got to do more with the fact that you are tuned to that place and hence likely to assimilate the energy. Observe a child for that instance. He seems to follow a particular path to a specific place in your home and that will help you draw up a picture of how energy flows. The kid is likely to avoid cluttered spots since it emanates negativity.

'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne(go drown yourself if you haven't heard of the book)concludes that the events in our life are the consequence of our thinking, whose power remains largely unacknowledged and untapped. To explain the book in a gist, it says that you can invite favorable events in life by occupying the mind with a steady stream of positivity. For example, make space in the house for a new person if you wish to have a life partner. Get clothes of the size you wish to fit in instead of cribbing over the ever-expanding waistline. Constantly imagine the offer letter in your mail and make up a list of things you want to purchase with your salary, if you are pining for a job. It is not without reason that cute pictures of cuter babies adore the home of an expecting woman.

Have you read Richard Bach's 'The Bridge across Forever'? I found it an average book but there is one section wherein the protagonist is trying to imagine himself taking flight(guy's a pro flyer) but somehow the vision is blurry. The reason, as it is later on revealed, is because he was not supposed to be taking flight. He gets a call from his friend/future lover and chucks going to airport. So what I do is, every time I am in a quandary over some action, I envision myself involved in that activity and if the picture is too grainy, I ditch the plan. Mind you, you don't want to spend every living moment like this to come to a conclusion. You got to decide without involving visions for petty things like if you should buy that oh-so-sexy dress. Leave the vision thing for the stickier phases of life.

So you get the basic idea? Now here is the truth. It is NOT EASY. To envisage a rosy future when your present is in dumps is taxing on the soul. When you feel wretched, all we can think of is curl up in a ball, draw the blinds and weep. I had a hard time to get into grips with a personal crisis and believe me, my imagination ground to a halt. But I was determined to bring the sunshine back into my life. Everyday before sleeping, I imagined clouds labelled 'grief', 'desolation' and other sad words moving out of my scope of vision and focussed on the beaming sun(complete with the smiley face we used to draw in our kiddie days).

So now you all know I had a happy ending only I wouldn't completely agree. The grief-causing agent didn't exactly vanish from my life, only I faced the situation with a resilience and a bulldog spirit to piece myself together.I now realize that tough times don't just evaporate, it is you who becomes valiant to face it.

Do you have stories to share about your brush with the mystical power of thoughts? Do share them with me, would love to hear them since I would like to relate to experiences apart from my own. Keep smiling :)


  1. Cool girl.must say u write well...and making good use of ur time..keep it up!!

  2. Brush with the mystical power of thoughts... in my case many battles happened, and each time i came out with life learning conclusions.

    as a matter of fact am battling one these days... and this is the hardest battle until now...hope to come out with something again soon...

    And ya you too Keep Smiling :)

  3. @Ajetha Akka- Thanks! I have realised this is the only way I can use my time productively.

    @Nikhil- All the best for your battle. When you will look back at this phase a little time from now, you can only smile, such is the effect of time. So carry on and give yourself a chance to smile back at your past. Remember to look out for the signs and you shall never fail!